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"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself." -- Galileo

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This map is all about eLearning; finding the online learning resources that you are curious about.. Have fun LearningOnLine too !!

Professional Development
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Here's what's new in the eLearning world;

eLearning Link and Rating Service;

This site will give learners an opportunity to rank various learning sites and technologies, to provide guidelines for future eLearning explorers. Current categories of eLearning players;




http://www.tlilearn.org/800/en_index.html the largest Directory of IT and Telecom Training; over 10,000 training offerings from a variety of vendors.

http://www.learnhow.com/start.htm , Learn How Web University. Over 375 coursesin Computer Literacy, Basic Business and Professional Development, PC Software Applications, Operating Systems, and Utilities. Also Oracle Database Access, Programming Languages, and Development Tools. Networking. Recently added Financial Plannin, Customer Service, and SAT Preparation.

http://www.trainingsupersite.com/ ,TrainingSuperSite is from the publishers of "Training Magazine" ; go straight to their "sitemap" directory for more information about ratings on 25+ sites (?).

http://www.smartforce.com/corp/marketing/default.htm , Welcome to Your World of e-Learning!

You can take the courses individually or as part of a certificate program.

Search for a course, browse for a course, or call toll-free to talk to a helpful training consultant.


http://www.knowledgepool.com/ , KnowledgePool Online - IT Training

http://interact.hwg.org/ HWG Interactive is the home of our online classes, Guild issues discussion forums, monthly Town Hall member chats, and annual online membership meetings

http://www.newbie.com/ , NewbieNET ... ASK! Someone Knows!

TeachmeIT.com is an online, web-based training source offering you the earliest opportunity to learn many of today's hottest Information Technology skills.

Welcome to the IT Learning Directory, brought to you by Planetlearn.com. Your single source for interactive self-paced computer training & certification videos, cd roms, books, online classes, study guides, practice exams, discussion forums, software, career services, etc.

ITKnowledge.com Search, browse and read hundreds of full text publications and books from the leading publishers in the IT industry. Access books, source code and guides to find the IT information you need to solve today's problems and learn about tomorrow's technologies.

If you’re interested in web pages, Rough Guides offers a short but useful overview of how to build a web page including a helpful section that describes other web-related technologies. While the format is not "by example" or rich with graphics and diagrams, the site's friendly, conversational tone livens up topics like JavaScript and ActiveX, which might otherwise be dry to a newcomer.

Try WebAlley.net for an in depth look at web page building that truly starts from the beginning with a definition, a little history, and an introduction to the most basic tags. From there it moves logically into tables, frames, and forms, rounding out the lesson with more advanced topics like dynamic pages and metadata. Finally, there is some sage advice for would-be page designers on avoiding needless bells and whistles in favor of keeping it simple.

NetMaking.com offers a small but powerful collection of tutorials on web page building, working with graphics in web pages, and a surprisingly accessible tutorial on CGI scripts. if you don’t know what they are, this lesson will explain everything.

Just as the name implies, this Web Builder 101 course from netguide.com has all the basics, from a lesson in web fonts and graphics to more sophisticated concepts that explain how to breathe life into your web pages. You'll also find practical guidance for getting your site on the net, hosting options, and the secret to getting a personalized web address.

Webmonkey offers a short list of step-by-step lessons for the true web newcomer. Learn the history of the Internet, how to get online, and how to get acquainted with some of the virtual attractions that await you when you do. For an index of other webmonkey tutorials, visit the Webmonkey home page. While many of these are tailored for programmers and would-be techies, you’ll find tutorials for every level and type of user from e-commerce primers to database management.

WebResource.com for an informal, and occasionally comical, survey of web languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and CGI. Better suited for the seasoned web surfer than a net newcomer, each tutorial follows the same basic format. They begin with a helpful definition of terms and continue teaching in plain and simple language with lots of examples.

Take a look at this index of Web Primers from WebResource.com for an informal, and occasionally comical, survey of web languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and CGI. Better suited for the seasoned web surfer than a net newcomer, each tutorial follows the same basic format. They begin with a helpful definition of terms and continue teaching in plain and simple language with lots of examples.

Need a little more basic PC training? At ThirdAge.com you can ease into it with a sensibly paced short course in basic computer concepts or home page building. Looking for a challenge? Opt for a more accelerated course of study in advanced web skills. You’ll find these 4-6 week tutorials to be well-designed and free of technical jargon. Plus, each tutorial comes with a class tutor for technical help and a discussion group for moral support.

http://specials.about.com/channels/internet/net101/index.htm?IAM=spyreinternet101 , NET 101

http://webct.prenhall.com/public/ciyf3/ , Computers in Your Future 3 information page

http://www.4computertraining.com/ , 4ComputerTraining -- a guide to computer training from 4anything.com

http://www.javaonthebrain.com/ , Java on the Brain

http://www.smartforce.com/corp/marketing/default.htm , Welcome to Your World of e-Learning!

http://www.OnlineLearning.net/ , Onlinelearning.net

http://www.globalknowledge.com/default.asp , @ Global Knowledge

http://www.att.com/learningnetwork/ , AT&T Learning Network

http://www.lynda.com/classes/index.html , digital design training

http://www.21stnetwork.com/users/2123105205/ , Computer Training: 21stnetworks.com's 200 application courses

http://www.macromedia.com/software/coursebuilder/productinfo/features/ , Macromedia CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver - Product Info - Features

http://hq.propoint.com/ , PPI's Point to Point

http://www.amtconline.com/ , CSE/AMTC General Information

http://www.firstclass.ca/ , Computer Based Training (CBT) from FirstClass Systems - MCSE Certification Office 97 Unix and more.

http://www.zdu.com/catalog/class.asp?ClassID=6158 , ZDU: Course Catalog

http://www.cbtsys.com/product/tour/guide.htm , CBT Systems Courseware Tour (Page 7 of 9)

http://www.knowledgenet.com/main.htm , KnowledgeNet - changing the way IT professionals train today by providing the e-learning solutions of tomorrow

http://www.online.mb.ca/ITIS/default.asp , Online (winnipeg)

http://www.suncoastdirect.com/ , Suncoast Direct - MCSE Fast Track

http://www.universalconnections.org/ , Universal Connections - Canadian GeoTran Representatives

http://www.computrain-online.com/ , Computrain-Online.com Home Page - Interactive Online Computer and Business Training

http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/10/wwtraining/elearning/ , Cisco - E-Learning

http://www.fourthr.com/ , The Fourth R Inc.

http://www.caliberlearning.com/ , Welcome to Caliber Learning Network

http://www.mindspring.com/ , MindSpring Enterprises Inc. - MindSpring Home Page

http://www.knowledgeU.com/ , Knowledge Universe

http://www.dpec.com/default.htm , Welcome to DPEC Inc.

http://planetit.com/techcenters/Internet_&_Intranet , Planet IT Internet/Intranets Technology Center

http://campus.ppican.com/ , Welcome to the Amdahl & DMR Microsoft Certification Campus

http://www.ccilearning.com/home.htm , CCI Learning Solutions Inc. Computer training products and services.

http://www.KnowledgePlanet.com/home.html , KnowledgePlanet Home

http://www.newbie.com/ , NewbieNET ... ASK! Someone Knows!

http://www.netlingo.com/ , NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary

http://www.mindq.com/ , MindQ Home Page

http://www.21stnetwork.com/users/5899/ , Online Computer Training - Home Based Business

http://help.powersurfr.com/webtrainer/ , PowerSurfr Registration

http://www.thirdage.com/cgi-bin/rd/sweepstakes/tech/tsol/ , ThirdAge - Tech - ThirdAge School of Online Learning

http://www.amtec.ca, Educational Links

http://www.realNetworks.com/ , RealNetworks - The Home of RealAudio - RealVideo and RealFlash

http://www.Think3.com/ ,bring 3-dimensional design to everyone, everywhere

http://www.training.cyberus.ca/ , Cyberus Web Based Training

http://www.ccilearning.com/online-f.htm , CCI Online Learning

http://www.trainingnet.com/main_default.asp?nc%5Fpid=0&home=1&mscssid=D7FAT5T33VSH2GP200JP4672J0GPEATA , TrainingNet - Home Page

http://www.2learn.ca/mapset/mapset.html , 2Learn: Site Map for WWW.2Learn.ca

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Need a little more basic PC training? At ThirdAge.com you can ease into it with a sensibly paced short course in basic computer concepts or home page building. Looking for a challenge? Opt for a more accelerated course of study in advanced web skills. You’ll find these 4-6 week tutorials to be well-designed and free of technical jargon. Plus, each tutorial comes with a class tutor for technical help and a discussion group for moral support.


Discover an extensive list of step-by-step lessons focused primarily on hardware and operating systems at CNET's LearnLots.com. These self-paced tutorials address nearly every tinkering and trouble-shooting issue imaginable. If you’re after fewer nuts and bolts, try the On the Web section where you can brush up on timely topics like online shopping, computer security, and e-commerce. Individual lessons are divided into parts to let you preview the subtopics and skip around if necessary.

http://www.intuitionpublishing.com/ provides learnings solution for financial markets (information, definitions on demand, exam preparation, progress tracking and exams)



shortcourses.com; THE digital photography resource for over 2,000,000 visitors a year . While the pages occasionally resemble a long-scrolling book, an abundance of visuals and useful diagrams keep the lessons informative. If digital photography is your thing, not only does this website have an answer to every question regarding digital cameras, it has a course! At shortcourses.com you can learn all about it. What kind of digital camera should I buy? Try a short course in “Choosing a Digital Camera.” What do I do with all the digital photos I take? Find out in the course “Digital Darkroom.” While the pages occasionally resemble a long-scrolling book, an abundance of visuals and useful diagrams keep the lessons informative.


To get started, browse the CONTENT TABLE, search by SUBJECT AREA, or try a refined search by GRADE LEVEL.

http://lguide.com/ , Lguide - L is for Learning. Reviews of online courses.

http://www.banyantree.org/cgi-bin/listApps.pl?Distance&Learning , Blue Web'n Search Results

http://www.learn.com/teach.asp?sessionid=313960514050748945 , Learn.com - Teach

http://www.headlight.com/home/ , source for online training solutions

http://www.unext.com/ , UNext.com

http://www2.mindblazer.com/opt_in_1.htm , MindBlazer: Live Internet Learning

http://www.learnativity.com/learnola/ How naive to think people only learn with the help of training or education programs. On this page you’ll find all sorts of ways to learn! Learnola!

http://www.hutchcom.com/resources/resWL.html , Hutchinson Communications: Resources

http://www.learningauction.com/collect.cfm , Thank You

http://www.briefme.com/editor/editor.cgi , Briefme: Become an Editor

http://www.learninginsights.com/ , Learning Insights

http://www.ehow.com/home/home.asp , Welcome to eHow

http://www2.stlu.com/reseller/luonline.asp?lupatriotlearning , LuOnline

http://www.evisioninc.com/ , eVision Inc. -- Web based Training (online training and learning via Internet)

http://www.fyi-net.com/Kit.asp , FYI-Net The Network Resource Kit

http://www.learningauction.com/la/index.cfm , learningauction.com Welcome to learningauction.com

http://www.learn.com/default.asp?bhcd2=930684739 , Learn.com - Home Page

http://www.trainingcafe.com/ , Training Cafe

http://www.LearningStation.com/ , Learningstation.Com

http://www.quicklearn.com/sms/sms.htm , New Page 4

http://www.teachmeit.com/ , TeachmeIT.com - Main Menu

http://www.easylearn.com/ , Welcome to What's the Word?

http://www.pbs.org/netlearning/home.html , net.LEARNING | Welcome

http://www.HungryMinds.com/ , Hungry Minds

http://www2.mindblazer.com/opt_in_1.htm , MindBlazer: Live Internet Learning

http://www.briefme.com/editor/list.cgi , Briefme: Full Category List

http://www.2Learn.ca/ , WELCOME to 2Learn

http://www.agtrain.com/ , ATN Agriculture Training Network Home Page

http://www.globallearning.com/res/coolplaces.html , Global Learning - Cool Places We Found

http://teachmeonline.com/ , Teach Me Online The Learning University

http://teachmeonline.com/howdoes.htm , How does it work?

http://www.learnativity.com/ , Learnativity(tm).com

http://www.ask.com/main/askJeeves.asp?origin=&qSource=0&site_name=Jeeves&ask=which+is+the+best+online+learning+site%3F&askQuestionBox2.x=31&askQuestionBox2.y=25 , Ask Jeeves Results , KnowledgeNet News Room

http://www.howstuffworks.com/ , Welcome to How Stuff Works!

http://www.liszt.com/cgi-bin/liszt.cgi?word=training&junk=s&an=any , Liszt Search: training


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http://www.umuc.edu/virtualteaching/vt_home.html , UMUC-Bell Atlantic Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology

http://www.axia.com/ , A x i a M u l t i m e d i a


the leading online source for technical books, training and research, to create a fantastic collection of recommended titles.



http://www.brandonhall.com/frereslin.html , More Resources

Subscribe to some discussion groups on eLearning;



http://www.egrou ps.com/subscribe/ONLINEducation

http://www.christie.ab.ca/provider/ID2.htm , Instructional Development

http://www.dvinci.com/map.html , WBT CBT CD-ROM and Web Site Creation Consulting and Training

http://www.propoint.com/ , PPI Home Page May

http://www.federatedpress.com, Keefe

http://www.tregistry.com/ , * Training Registry directory of trainers courses consultants speakers classrooms management seminars

http://www.quessing.com/ , Quessing Courseware Corp. -- We Write Internet Courseware

http://www.masie.com/business/reg.htm , The Busine$$ of On-Line Learning


http://www.clcinc.ab.ca:/clc/training/ , Computer Literacy Consultanty Inc.

http://www.petersons.com/ , Peterson's

http://www.allencomm.com/software/designer/de30.html , Allen Communication: Designer's Edge 3.0

http://www.newhorizons.com/about/franchopps/qualify.html , New Horizons - Franchise Sales Opportunities

http://www.trainingreport.ca/ , The Training Report

http://www.gilmore.ca/ , Gilmore

http://www.allencomm.com/ , Allen Communication - Multimedia and Instructional Design Software and Services

http://olt-bta.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca/about/partnere.html , OLT Partners and Other Related Sites - List of Organizations

http://www.library.ualberta.ca/altalib/aplen/RFP.htm , TAL / APLEN - Software Training RFP

http://www.whyinteractive.com/home/default.htm , why interactive

http://www.microsmithinc.com/crc/index.asp , The Classroom Rental Connection

http://www.ememes.com, provides applications, tools, diagnostics, and content

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Discovery Learning

http://www.nationalgeographic.com/features/96/forest/index.html Use the map to discover the flora and fauna of the night forest. Solve the riddle to cross the stream, then build your own forest scene.

http://www.techlearn99.com/exe/test/techlearntv.cfm , TechLearn TV Interviews

http://www.games2train.com/ , Welcome to games2train.com!!

http://dir.yahoo.com/Education/Instructional_Technology/Online_Teaching_and_Learning/WebQuests/, Yahoo! Education:Instructional Technology:Online Teaching and Learning:WebQuests

http://www.i-fun.com/index2.htm , Interactive Fun!

http://www.mysterynet.com/learn/discuss/ , Learning with Mysteries: Why Mysteries?

http://www.foxkids.com/, Fox Kids

http://www.funology.com/ , Funology.com -- The Science of Having Fun!

http://www.play.com/ , Welcome to Play Incorporated

http://www.gamesville.com/ , Greetings from Gamesville(r)

http://www.msoworld.com/mindsports.html , Mind Sports Olympiad - MSO

http://www.games2train.com/index.html , Serious Training in a Game Environment

http://www.funlearn.com/ , Funlearn Online Learning

http://www.mamamedia.com/areas/grownups/new/home.html , MaMaMedia

http://www.funderstanding.com/influences.html , Funderstanding - ABOUT LEARNING - Influences

http://www.meer.net/~johnl/e-zine-list/zines/ , e-zine-list: Zines by Title

http://www.funbrain.com/ , FunBrain.com - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Teachers and Kids

http://www.playsite.com/ , Welcome To PlaySite

http://www.sandbox.net/sandbox/pub-bin/page?sandbox_corp+corp.html , Sandbox--The Corporation

http://www.pressanykey.com/funstuff.html , Fun Stuff at PressAnyKey

http://www.mysterynet.com/learn/ , Education: Learning with Mysteries: The fun way to learn in

the classroom

http://www.brier.net/BrierPatch/Games/Games.htm , Lewisburg WV - Brier Net - Online Games and gaming networks

http://www.fastcompany.com/online/05/principles.html , 8 Principles for Learning

http://www.earthlink.net/, AstroZomby's Vault

http://www.disneybuzz.com/ , D I S N E Y B U Z Z

http://www.masie.com/multitask/ , Multitaksing

http://www.luciac.com/ , INDEX - www.luciac.com

http://www.fun4u.net/ , Test Your Powers of Observation and Win Big Buck$$$

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http://www.bloomberg.com/videos/blpvideo3.cgi , Bloomberg Online: Bloomberg Daily Videos

http://www.avdailynews.com/technology/index.html , A/V DailyNews

http://www.learn2.com/09/0917/0917.html , Learn2 Read Music - Intro

http://www.ncsu.edu/midlink/mmania.how.html , Multimedia Special Interest Group

http://www.athome.net/home/only.html , the cable internet revolution

http://teleeducation.nb.ca/lotw/c3.html , [ LOTW 99 Chapter 3 ]

http://audiotexnews.com/ , Audiotex News

http://www.cnbcdowjones.com/msnbc/free/default.htm , CNBC Business Video - Free Area

http://www.the-vine.com/ , Virtual Interactive Net-Based Education

http://www.compuserve.com/gateway/travel/disney.asp , Disney

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Learning Interfaces

http://www.echoecho.com/flashecho/introduk/indexx.htm , Click a button or menu.... to get an explanation of the topic

http://www.lotus.com/home.nsf/welcome/learnspace , Lotus Development Corporation

http://www.pensare.com/ , Pensare Knowledge Community(TM) online learning solutions

http://www.webct.com/otl/directory , Browse Directory


http://www.caliberlearning.com/ , Caliber.com : Caliber Learning Network Inc.

http://www.fastcompany.com/online/resources/learning.html , Learning

http://4a2z.com/cgi/rfr.cgi?http://www.trainingsupersite.com/ , Brought to you by 4anything

http://www.learnability.com/learning/student.html , Student sign in

http://www.epiclearning.com/ , Epic Learning - Live Internet E-learning Company

http://www.humanities.ualberta.ca/tlc/Teaching/Documents/DesDoc_sample.htm , Sample design document

http://www.terraserver.microsoft.com/GetPageByXY.asp?XId=3006&YId=11902&SrcId=2&ImgDate=03/15/1998&ImgSize=2&DSize=1 , Microsoft TerraServer Image Page

http://www.learn.com/wmglearnmenu.asp?sessionid=314141189339927803 Games approach to learning online

http://www.forkinthehead.com/ , forkinthehead.com

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http://www.centra.coml , Centra Symposium is a live, interactive virtual classroom supporting blended eLearning delivery, rich content, and integration with a Learning Management Systems.


http://www.click2learn.com/ , is a leading provider of an open e-Learning network consisting of e-Learning content, learning management, and authoring and publishing tools via an Application Service Provider (ASP) model.

http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/98/27/index1a_page3.html?tw=authoring , Dreamweaver Walk-Through

http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/ , Shockwave Download Center

http://www.avid.com/ , Avid Technology

http://www.infoworld.com/cgi-bin/displayArchive.pl?/98/24/i13-24.88.htm , Review: Librarian aids training (InfoWorld)

http://www.netvital.com/y2k/y2k12.html , NetVersant Technologies: ImageCast Cloning

http://www.trainingnet.com/products.asp?cat%5Fid=513&mediatype=0&showmediatypes=0&clearsession=1&productlisttype=1&mscssid=D7FAT5T33VSH2GP200JP4672J0GPEATA, TrainingNet - Products

http://www.macromedia.com/learning/examples/online_examples/ , Macromedia Authorware Case Studies Web-based Learning Examples

http://www.lotus.com/home.nsf/tabs/learnspace , Lotus Development Corporation

http://www.digitaled.com/home.html , Digital Education Systems

http://www.livemanuals.com/ , Welcome to LiveManuals.com - Home Page

http://www.realworldtraining.com/why.html#About_RWT , Real World Training - The ONLY Endorsed QuickBooks(r) & QuickBooks Pro(r) Training Seminars and Videos

http://www.newmediainteractive.net/ , New Media Interactive

http://www.wired.com/news/ , Wired News

http://www.cti.gr/RD3/EduTech/projects.html , Projects

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Professional Development

http://www.learn2.com/ , Learn2.com - The ability utility

http://www.ipd.ualberta.ca/ , IPD-Institute for Professional Development

http://www.california.edu/ , California Virtual University

http://www.knowledgeplanet.com/press.html , KnowledgePlanet.com -- A New Company

http://www.trans4mind.u-net.com/ , Personal Development - Tools for Transformation

http://www.wyn.com/intro.html , Lessons in Leadership

http://www.fastcompany.com/homepage/ , www.fastcompany.com

http://www.fastcompany.com/online/resources/learning.html , Learning

http://www.apollogrp.com/es-index.htm , through its subsidiaries, the University of Phoenix, Inc., the Institute for Professional Development, the College for Financial Planning Institutes Corporation and Western International University, Inc., is a leading provider of higher education programs for working adults.

http://www.apegga.com/ , Professional Engineering Home Page

http://www.webmd.com/ , WebMD home page - Health & Wellness Center / Healthcare Professional login / Corporate info

http://www.meritca.com/m_io/miotg.htm , M E R I T : Training for the Construction Industry

http://www.cba.ca/, C B A -Links

http://csf.colorado.edu/sl/index.html , Service-Learning Homepage

http://www.examco.com/index.htm , EXAMCO: Exam Preparation & Continuing Education for Financial Services - Insurance- Marine- & Nursing.Personal Development

http://www.freeENGLISH.net/english/index.html , Welcome to freeENGLISH.net - Your Free ENGLISH ESL EFL Solution

http://www.dietwatch.com/dietwatch3/about/diet_patient.asp , DietWatch Demo

http://www.realestate.university.com/ , RealEstate.University.com

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0890878889/moneyhunter/102-8798926-0132826 , Amazon.com: buying info: Building a Business the Buddhist Way : A Practitioner's Guidebook

http://www.affirmware.com.au, Achieve maximum learning with Sculptor affirmation software. Pass exams build self-confidence & accelerate learning Intro. FREE offer!

http://www.rushkoff.com/links.html , Douglas Rushkoff: Links

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Education Post-secondary

http://www.nova.edu/ , Nova Southeastern University

http://onl.uophx.edu You'll retrieve lectures, questions and assignments from your instructor then review them offline at the times and places most convenient to you.

http://www.humanities.ualberta.ca/tlc/ , Technologies for Learning Centre

http://hills.ccsf.cc.ca.us/, IMAGE MAP

http://www.ecollege.com/student/index.html , eCollege.com

http://www.edupoint.com/ , EduPoint.com: Home: The Marketplace for Continuing Education -- the Internet's largest centralized source for college degrees certificates training programs and classes -- with Academic Advisors and online course enrollment.

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Education K-12

http://www.Realeducation.com/ , http://www.Realeducation.com/

http://www.albertaonline.ab.ca/ , Alberta Online Consortium

http://www.ringling.com/home.jtmpl , Web site of The Greatest Show On Earth®!

http://www.schulweb.de/liste.html?sprache=de&sw_kategorie=links ,Learning and Teaching with World Wide Web

http://www.planet.eon.net/~wblair/home.htm#Top , The ALTIS Group

http://www.thirdage.com/cgi-bin/rd/sweepstakes/tech/tsol/ , ThirdAge - Tech - ThirdAge School of Online Learning

http://www.nlearnseries.com/ , The Nevada Learning Series

http://www.kidsdomain.com/grown/links/Education.html , KD Education Links

http://telecampus.edu/ , TeleCampus - specializing in online learning - l'apprentissage en ligne c'est notre expertise

http://www.evisioninc.com/homepg4.htm , Learn2University -- Course Offerings and Detailed Information

http://www.webmath.com/ , WebMath: Instant solutions to your math problems.

http://www.ldonline.org/ , LD OnLine: Learning Disabilities Information & Resources

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http://www.wrhambrecht.com/research/coverage/elearning/ir/ir_explore.html , WR Hambrecht + Co: Research: Coverage: eLearning

http://dir.yahoo.com/Education/Instructional_Technology/Online_Teaching_and_Learning/ , Yahoo! Education:Instructional Technology:Online Teaching and Learning

http://jac.sbs.ohio-state.edu/cable/pedagogy/tutorial/tutorial.htm , Tutorial - Orientation

http://www.irl.org/ , Institute for Research on Learning

http://www.educ.ubc.ca/wrnet Western Research Network on Education and Training - the link between educational provision, processes and outcomes

http://train.galaxyscientific.com/icaipage/litlfaa/litlfaa.htm , Functional Area Analysis of Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction

http://www.ilt.columbia.edu/ilt/docs/kastens/waw.html , ILTweb: ILTdocs: Kastens: WAW

http://www.columbia.edu/cu/research/projects.html , Columbia University: Research Projects

http://pzweb.harvard.edu/ , Project Zero

http://www.stanford.edu/group/scip/intro.html#i1 , Stanford Computer Industry Project Introduction

http://www.stanford.edu/~swood/G345/outline.html , Course Outline and Assignments

http://www.iste.org/Research/index.html , ISTE -- Research Projects

http://star.ucc.nau.edu/~nauweb97/papers/sanford.html , Introduction:

http://www.atl.ualberta.ca/downes/ , Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web - Home Page

http://www.brandonhall.com/ , brandon-hall.com

http://www.redherring.com/insider/1999/0430/vc-education.html , Red Herring Online - Online education chalks up major investment cash - 4/30/99

http://www.fastcompany.com/online/resources/learning.html , Learning

http://www.trainingreport.ca/ , The Training Report

http://www.milkenexchange.org/ , Milken Exchange on Education Technology

http://www.masie.com/trlinks.htm , TechLearn '98 Links Galore

http://www.Cluetrain.com/ , cluetrain manifesto


http://www.idg.net/go.cgi?id=109406 early research (1997 for historicial perspective)

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The following are a small sample of the over 3,000 training providers in the THINQ marketplace that need to be mapped here:

American Management Association

American Media Inc. (a Provant Company)

Animated Learning

ARIS Education

Avatech Solutions

BCR Enterprises

Berlitz The Bridgebuilder Company

Business & Legal Reports

CBT Systems

Cogent Computing



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eLearning Link and Rating Service;

This site will give learners an opportunity to rank various learning sites and technologies, to provide guidelines for future eLearning explorers;

  1. The name and logo of the eLearning provider (linked using FrameIt.cgi and cgi bins so the new site appears within our learning interface window. with modest right side and bottom bars)
  2. A short opinionated description of the site's content and value to learning in general
  3. A categorization indicator (? PD, software, certification, skills, knowledge?)
  4. Our ranking, and "Top Listed" for one of them
  5. "Most Visited" designation within category (if it is)
  6. Traffic report; number of click throughs (logos and links) generated from our site since ___?___ listing date on our service
  7. " Rate It" Visiting Learners' Ratings (we facilitate calculation of rankings)
  8. "Map" all the alternatives in this space along the 2 most relevant criteria (fun / content quality?)
  9. "Report Bad Link"
  10. ...
  11. "Refer It" the site to someone else (within our frame)
  12. "Submit a site" capability builds content (user generated = independent source of info)
  13. Facilitate user debate in threaded discussion forum (ASP'd out to start)
  14. The whole "My" component (X)
  15. Goal would be to monetized through arrangements with eLearning providers (commission-junction.com cookies sent to facilitate eCommerce transactions).


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Systems Simulation: When a computer system is used in the course of doing a task, why not built a simulated system right into the training for that task? • Allows learner to practice the use of the system • Meets the needs of a variety of skill levels

Information in Business Workplace Context: When decision-making skills are required by the job, why not provide a simulated environment where all the real-world resources are available? • Activity is relevant to the workplace • Learner is engaged in applying the material • Resources, guidance and feedback are provided

: When information is needed quickly, why not put it in an on-the-job context? • Matches how content will be used on the job • Immediately useful, relevant

Discovery Learning: In a troubleshooting environment, why not allow the learner to discover the relationships between the concepts presented and their application in the real world? • Engages learner in the material • Provides input and guidance when needed

Until recently, the typical unit of production, delivery and consumption of eLearning was a course. While there is nothing wrong with courses, a smaller, modular unit of instruction will fully leverage the advantages of eLearning

Learning Paths

Knowles Postulates" Knowles believed that learning programs should be competency-based and that adults required the following conditions to learn:

Finally, learning bytes are combined with a learning path to create a topic, a lesson, or an entire course (Sharable Content Objects", or learning objects).

Future-proofing Payoff (What does all this mean when applied to your eLearning?)
• Content and programming are kept separate so that you can easily change content without having to revise the programming.
• Once built, the same learning byte, or sharable content object, can be reused in different courses or environments.
• A learning byte can be revised, replaced or copied into another course entirely without necessitating changes to the original course.
• A searchable database of learning bytes can be deployed over the web for access by different departments.

eLearning Applications

Skills development

Product knowledge

Salesforce, dealer, agent training

Computer systems training

A common focus on results

A partnership is more than words; it is an open and productive relationship based on a common goal. The LearningByte Collaborative Model begins even before the contract is signed as our consultants and designers work with you to


Once you engage LearningByte, these elements are brought together in an all-team Project Kickoff that develops consensus and launches the initiative. Under the team leadership of the Project Manager, your requirements and the shared vision are carried throughout the project. Open collaboration with you and the team continues, as the design is refined and cost/benefit decisions are made. As each element is approved the team follows through with you based on the mutual commitment to earning the highest return possible.

eLearning Services



"eLearning" is a vision of what corporate training can become. Its hallmarks are:

  • learning on Internet-age steroids: often real-time, 24/7, anywhere, anytime
  • learner-centered, personalized to the individual & customized to the organization
  • network-assisted, often assembling learning experiences on the fly
  • a blend of learning methods -- virtual classroom, simulation, collaboration, community, even instructor-led...
  • the whole learning enchilada, from assessment through testing and sometimes certification
  • online administration -- handling registration, payment and charge-backs, and monitoring learner progress

Infrastructure Components

Training Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

Administrative Campus

Learning Stores/Marketplaces

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Content Aggregators



Documentum Inc.
e-Learning on Tap (HP powered by Placeware)
Entertainment Digital Network, Inc
Fatbrain.com Inc
Inso Corporation
Intrawise (partner w/Smartforce)
Internet Pictures Corporation
Mentor on Call(3)
National Computer systems
Rowecom Inc.
Spatial Technology
YouthStream Media Networks

Technology Components

Authoring Tools

Hardware (PLDs, PCs, input devices, etc)

Network Technology

Wireless Tech

Digital Asset Management

Transaction Management

3D & Visualization Technologies

Data Transmission Methodologies (DSL, Cable


Ari Network Services, Inc
BEA Systems, Inc.
Bell & Howell Company
Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Campus America
ClearWorks.net, Inc.
Concurrent Computer Corporation
Digital Lava, Inc.
Educational Video Conferencing Inc.
Engineering Animation Inc.
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation
Gemini (Salient Cybertech)
Gentia Software
HearMe, Inc.
Immersion Corporation
Internet Pictures Corporation
MathSoft, Inc.
Media 100, Inc.
MetaCreations Corporation
Muse Technologies, Inc.
N2H2, Inc.
Pervasive Software Inc
Sigma Designs Inc.
Socrates Technologies Corporation
Sonic Foundary, Inc.
Spatial Technology Inc
SVI Holdings
Systems & Computer Technology Corporation
Teknowledge Corp
3D Systems Corporation
US internetworking Inc.
Walker Interactive Systems
WBT systems
XOX Corporation
ZapMe! Corporation
Zi Corporation Activision


Content Components

Reusable Learning Objects

Re-purposed Published Materials

Digital Courseware



Advantage Learning Systems
Adventure Online
American Education Corporation
Arc Mesa
Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc
Boxer Learning
Cognitive Arts
DA Consulting Group
Digital Think
Educational Development Corporation
Educational Insights, Inc.
Franklin Covey Co.
GT Interactive Software
Harcourt General, Inc
Hasbro, Inc.
Houghton Mifflin Company
IDG books Worldwide, Inc.
Interplay Entertainment Corp
ITC Learning Corp
ITT Educational Services
4 Kids Entertainment Inc.
Kaplancollege.com (owned by Washington Post)
Learning Tree International
National Computer systems (Educational Structures)
Netg(owned by Harcourt)
On2.com, Inc.
PLATO Learning, Inc.
Primedia, Inc.
Reality Interactive, Inc.
Scholastic Corporation
Scientific Learning
Streamedia Communications Inc.
THO Inc.
Visual Data Corporation
Wade Cook Financial Corporation
John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
ZapMe! Corporation

Environment Components

Learning Portal

Collaborative Workspace

Virtual University/Online Campus

Virtual Classrooms

Traditional Universities/Schools


ACTV (eSchool)
Ambassadors intl
American Computer Experience
Animal House
Appollo Group
Argosy Education Group
Berlitz International Inc.
Big Chalk
Campus Pipeline
Canterbury Information Technology, Inc
Career Education Corporation
CompUSA Training
Computer Learning Centers
Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.
Corinthian Colleges
Digital Think
Edison Schools, Inc.
Education Management
ITT Educational Services
Learning Tree International
New Horizons
Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.
Quest Education Corporation
Skillsoft (content or envt?)
Student Advantage
Sylvan Learning Centers
The Tesseract Group, Inc.
Virtual Academics.com, Inc.
Wade Cook Financial Corporations

Service Components

Instructional Design
IT Consulting
Student Assessment & Testing
Live Customer Service
Online Mentors/Tutors
Application Service Providers
Search/Intelligent Agent (a tech, but not always electronic. so???
Needs Assessment
Data Transmission Providers (ISPs, Telcos)


chieve Global (Times Mirror)
Alphanet Solutions, Inc.
Condor Technology Solutions, Inc
DA Consulting Group
e-Learning on Tap
GP Strategies
Infonautics, Inc.
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc
Noodle Kidoodle, Inc.
Rare Medium Group, Inc
RWD Technologies
School Specialty
Smart Planet**
Technology Solutions Company
VSI holdings Inc.
YouthStream Media Networks