Zoom in on "Wisdom" ; Bottom left of map at coordinates K-30 "Understanding" and "Content of a Life" ...Map; the function of wisdom in the happy lifeZoom up to the "Great Map"The understanding of happiness: definitions and myths Outline of  Topics, and Cross / ReferencesThe beatific visionThe content of a happy life: the parts or constituents of happinessSend "happiness" graphics to the map artist (click here)...The social aspects of happiness: the doctrine of the common good The pursuit of happiness The argument concerning happiness as a first principle of morality: the conflicting claims of duty and happiness The happiness of men in relation to the gods or the after-life The distinction between temporal and eternal happinessThe desire for happiness: its naturalness and universalityThe marks of a happy man, the quality of a happy lifeThe happiness of the individual in relation to the happiness or good of other men The happiness of the individual in relation to the welfare of the state: happiness in relation to government and diverse forms of government The attainability of happiness: the fear of death and the tragic view of human life Man's capacity for happiness: differences in human nature with respect to happinessThe effects of original sin: the indispensability of divine grace for the attainment of natural happiness The beatitude of God Eternal beatitude: the perfection of human happiness The imperfection of temporal happiness: its failure to satisfy natural desire  The contribution of the goods of fortune to happiness: wealth, health, longevity Pleasure and happinessVirtue in relation to happinessThe role of honor in happiness The importance of friendship and love for happiness The effect of political power or status on happiness The misery of the damned The joy of the blessed: the communion of saintsAdditional Readings supplement the discussion found in The Great Books.

Happiness Map