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HTML frames are areas in an HTML page. For example there are 5 frame on this page (each "holding" an individual HTML document);

  1. mainFrame
  2. topFrame
  3. cornerFrame
  4. topFrame1
  5. leftFrame

In a Web page, frames commonly define a navigation area (like the one on the left) and a content area for a page. You can;

A frameset is an HTML page that defines the structure of a set of frames within a document. When you split a Dreamweaver document into frames, you create separate HTML documents for each new frame, plus an additional one to hold the frameset information;

A frameset HTML page isn't displayed in a browser; it simply stores information about how the frames on a page will display. The frame inspector (sample below) shows visually how the frames are laid out;


Frames are Webmonkey picnic (a very friendly tutorial)

The IFrames Lowdown



Ticker Tape script- Dynamic Drive ( For full source code, installation instructions, 100's more DHTML scripts, and Terms Of Use, visit */ //configure tickercontents[] to set the messges you wish be displayed (HTML codes accepted) var tickercontents=new Array()