Edmontonians of the Century
Learning Edmonton's history is as easy as finding your way around the mall...

The maps will be used to help promote Edmonton tourism and economic development worldwide...Buy a poster-size learning map here ...Click here to place an order for your copy of the map...You'll jump for joy too if you ever buy a copy of the map "I See & I Know" is why this visual "map" of the 100 Edmontonians is so effectiveThis may be all that is left a hundred years from now, when the 200th anniversary is celebrated in Edmonton (?)This is the second Emonton-related map that will be drawn and put online...click here to see the large touchscreen presentation of the map ...The map is a great learning tool in any format (poster, multi-media CD, online, ...)The original map is destined for the City's fine art collection (permanently on display in City Hall)Billboards across the land will invite former Edmontonians to join our celebrationThe map makes an excellent magazine centrefold, or pull-out section ...Watch this space for another mapping announcement...We would like to erect a bronze map monument in the river valley...Email the map artist by clicking here...Map t-shirt, and other specialty products are available here ...Shown here on the gallery floor, the map could be a permanent "floor" anywhere.We'd like to present signed copies to all the people on the map (or their families) as funds allow.A suitable gift to the bi-centennial committee in 2100 (?)Here is what it's all about... a timeline "map" of the 100 Edmontonians of the Century (invented and produced by Ron Wild in 2004)Only 100 special Certificates of Authenticity will be produced A playground map...Here is a map kiosk application....Public discussion of the Map can be scheduled with the map artist...Move mouse over and click on project examples for more detail.... Edmontonians of the Century

Legacy Mapping Project

The City of Edmonton recognized 100 individuals on October 8, 2004, the City's 100th birthday.

Click HERE to see an interactive version of the map