Add some territory indicators to give the map content some context

Use different colored backgrounds to denote common themes

Pictorial icons add meaning to map points and branches

Use a real geo-mapping metaphor for info maps

Colored text and arrows easily show common themes

At least 3 dimensions af attributes can be mapped

3 or more layers of information can be represented

Information branches out to the smaller details

The ultimate web sitemap includes the best combination of design features

Arrows show the information flow from one topic to the next

3D graphics simulate concept proximity

Even complex relationships can be mapped out easily sitemap.jpg

A flowchart shows document / content relationships

Bubble diagrams show hierarhical relationships

Visual graphics help breakaway from the linear index mindset

Always start with the centre core and link outwards

Use the stars to navigate websites

Common areas of interest can be shaded the same color

A good sitemap shows a preview of the next click

Different color block shading provides consistent level view

Document the information flows rather than the technical page links

Use an organizational model that you can relate to in the real world

A campus model can be useful for categorizing information

Different layers highlighted in different colored bubbles