Email the information mapping artist...Buy this book here...Email the information mapping artist...Many more from where this came from...Your curiousity is rewarded...A quixotic attempt to develop a GreatMap "Collaboratory" project...Implementing the vision of Vannevar Bush...(Ralph Waldo Emerson) Self-Reliance....


This map was presented at the Demonstration Session of the "Mapping Knowledge Domains" Sackler Colloquium ( ) mapped at (reference copies available online).

It has also been included in the( ) Powerpoint slideshow.

The presentation video is at

This live demo is used for experimental development and prototyping purposes.

E-mail Ron Wild if you have any questions about the demo, presentation, or project.


Here's a snapshot of the basemap for the Map of the Great Ideas project:

Click on "Happiness" ; right hand edge of map at coordinates K-32 (It is the only one mapped for this demo)Click here to see the Stephen Hawking Interactive Site Map...Many more from where this came're already here !Click on "Happiness"  K-32 to zoom downThe 103 Great Ideas listed by Category Click here for a detailed map of this Great Idea "Happiness"Email the information mapping artist...Buy this book here...



GreatClick here to see the GreatMap protoype...